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National Geographic · Exploring Blue is an immersive and interactive exhibition about ocean that is co-sponsored by world-known National Geographic and top domestic creative marketing agency BRANDX. In the exhibition, “mother of the ocean” personally talks to us and inspired by her, it starts with Shanghai in 2050 and then reflects on our current life as well as its influence on her in turn.The journey into the blue does not only include the fantastic brilliance of life but also the thought-provoking living situation; visitors will experience the dreamlike journey to the ocean through the mixture of reality and virtuality together with beautiful and cruel scenarios.

AiX drives the guests on a journey inside the secrets of the ocean. From the beginning of the experience until the end, the journey is set by artificial intelligence which personalizes the guest's experience. After collecting guest's preferences at the entrance, Ai delivers a sphere to the guests to interact with the devices. 

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